Last Updated on June 28, 2005

In order by the number of photos provided for the Exhibit

Fr¨¦d¨¦rique Darragon, an economist by training, a self-taught oil painter, a sailor who crossed the Atlantic, a jockey of English thoroughbreds and a polo player who kept 2 records for 15 years, Fr¨¦d¨¦rique, who is French but speaks many languages, has also spent a total of more than 4 years in rural China and Tibet. Since 1998, she has been researching the extraordinary ancient sky-scrapers that are found in Kham. In 2001 she created the Unicorn Foundation and in 2004 she co-founded the Sichuan University Unicorn Heritage Institute (SUUH Institute).
To raise awareness about the towers, and money for her foundation, she has filmed and co-produced a documentary, her first, that was bought by the Discovery Channel in 2003 and is being broadcast all over the world. She also organizes photo exhibitions, the first of which was held at the United Nations from December 6th to 17th 2004.
Her first book, about the towers, will be published in September 2005.

See the research about the towers at

Kenzo Okawa, has published many photo books and is an advisor to the Management Bureau of the Natural Reserve of Siguniang Mountain

Lan Yong is a software expert and a photographer who was chosen by the Danba government to publish 2 gorgeous books of photos. These books also feature photos by Lu Hailin, Sun lei and Zhou Xiaolin
Lu Hailin and Sun Lei are successful business men and famous Chinese photographers.
Zhou Xiaolin used to manage travel Agencies, now he is the director of the Danba hotel. He is also a photographer and a painter

Wang Kaiyou is an economist specialized in economic improvements for minorities. He has been awarded by the Chinese government. He is also a well known photographer.

Xi Zhinong is a renowned Chinese wild life photographer, he runs a school for wild life photographers and promotes the protection of wild life.

Sheng Helin, is a university professor.

Han Yuanhua, a well known wildlife photographer, writer and film-maker, has already published many books.

Mike Hill is an award-wining English wild-life photographer

Wang Shibo, is a professor, an award-winning researcher, a writer and a successful business man who has lived in England and Japan. He is on the boards of many institutes and is the Vice-president and Treasurer of the unicorn Foundation as well as a founding member of the SUUH.

Zhao Hong, a native Jiarong, is an expert about Danba and has already published 3 books.

Zhe Li, a native Jiarong, is at the head of the Danba County.

Chen Xiaoou

Sun Jian is the headmaster of Sichuan athletic college.

All have graciously lend their photos

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