Book: Secret Towers Of The Himalayas


 "Secret Towers of the Himalayas"

ISBN 7-80709-043-X/K . 2 Bi-lingual Chinese-English version.
Soft cover, 154 pages, all in full color, with many beautiful photographs, maps and some tourist info

The First book ever published about the Ancient Stone Towers of the Tribal Corridor...A journey tracking the ancient tribes of the Himalayas through the impressive but forgotten remains of their glorious past.

Help save these unique structures, protect the local environment and give their pride back to the descendants of these exceptional Middle-ages builders....See all the photos that were shown at the United Nations in New York ...And many never published before...Discover these amazing earthquake resistant sky-scrapers ...Spy on the colorful and now impoverished minorities who toil in their shadowsĄ­Learn about the pride and grandeur of their glorious ancestors.
Also with photos of exotic and endangered local animals and of rare flowers

Text as well as many of the photos by Frederique Darragon, professor Honoris Causa at Sichuan University,

The other photos are by artists, most of whom are famous photographers, from many different origins: American, English, French, Han Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Jiarong, Tibetan and Yi. The list includes Andrea Bruno, Chang De, Mike Hill, Han Yuanhua, He Zhenhua, Lan Yong, Lu Hailin, Andrea Migliorini, Kenzo Okawa, Wang Kaiyou, Wang She Bo, Yang Qiang, Zhao Hong, and Zhe li,. They all have graciously authorized the use of their photos.

Frederique has also filmed and co-produced the Documentary "Secret Towers Of the Himalayas" Shown on Discovery Channel since 2003.